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Facelift Treatment


Face Lift Treatment Singapore


NuE Shape Jet Kinetic Facelift treatment does not use any thermal heat and targets below the SMAS layer. Some of the main reasons people perform facelift is to reduce wrinkles and improve skin radiance and skin elasticity. Based on the individual skin, it is difficult to find a solution that suits everyone.

However Nue shape JetLift works makes it effective at wrinkles reductions and eradicating fine lines with no downtime time and painless quickie therapy.

This treatment works like a jet energy pump, using the technique of subcision, to remodel collagen and increase the dermis layer.

There is no direct contact, no needles and no surgery. During the Jetlift procedure , energy pump is delivered directly to the target tissue using a dispersion sensation.

Jet Kinetic Facelift treatment is an ideal solution to meet this demand, and has been proven to deliver excellent results.

  • Non-invasive face tightening
  • Immediate and long-lasting FACELIFT
  • Anti-aging of neck and hands
  • Effective wrinkles reduction
  • Acne scars of the following types: Ice pick, Box car, Rolling, Hypertro